Fasting is whatever you sense the Lord prompting you to set aside. It should include those things that satiate your appetite for God and then to replace them with that which draws you near to God. For instance, someone may fast a favorite television program and replace the time with time spent in the Scripture, prayer, reading or having a devotional time with family. How about giving up worried, fearful or regretful thoughts for 21-days and replacing them with praise-filled thoughts?

In the Scripture, fasting involves abstaining from food and I highly encourage you to do some kind of food fast. One type is to fast solid food, drinking only liquids. When I do such a fast I drink water and healthy juices (fresh squeezed is best), though on a long fast I normally include some broth and even smoothies. Another common type of fast has come to be known as a Daniel fast. You basically spend 21-days eating the way you should eat (but usually don’t eat) for good health. A Daniel fast typically consists of fruits, vegetables and grains (that which comes from a seed). Follow your sense of leading from the Holy Spirit on the form of fasting you undertake.

To ensure your safety, please be aware of the following precautions before beginning a fast: Water is necessary for the body to function well, so include water as part of any fast that you undertake. Anyone who is under the care of a doctor should consult their physician before undertaking a fast. Fasting is not recommended for infants, young children, pregnant women, and those with diabetes.

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